François L. MAES

François L. Maes, Belgian origin, a native of Brussels, Living in Paris for 38 years for professional obligations, became Languedocian by adoption in 2010. Architect, specializing in landscape, he founded and directed the French Agency Landscape in Paris. He went with his team on missions in France, North Africa and the Middle East.
In 2010, end of his first life, he put his bags in the Cevennes Piemont to devote himself entirely to painting with first artworks dating back to 1977 and participated in several exhibitions including the  « Salon des independants » in Paris under the glass roof of the Grand Palais and Art Antwerp International Art & Design 2014.
Globetrotter forever, he goes at his own pace over 5 continents to discover the masterpieces of human activity, the deepest sensations or the simplest, it dialogues with both the landscape and the humans.
Every moment becomes a pleasure, every visual perception reveals its colour, its size, and if its timeless universe, or out of fashion, it’s flirting with a form of contemporary surrealism, bubbly, explosive, exhilarating as well as dark and scary, this epicurean and hedonist rolls in colour to brighten life.
Each canvas opens a new window on an evil world in which hand; line, brush and colour form an indivisible whole, exuberant and flamboyant. Do not look for the message, it is buried under the material and perverted by colourful flights. Magic may be, troubling without any doubts, like a journey into another world, his own.
His surrealism enjoys all these sensations impregnated deep into fabrics, although sometimes the brush is dipped into acid. But make no mistake, the Epicurean always converts the acid into medicine if you enter his world.